Powerfully Adaptable Ventilation

The Flight 60 for Hospitals is an innovative and powerful ventilator for virtually all hospital contingencies and a wide range of patients. It’s efficiency and versatility make it the most cost-effective ventilation solution in a diversified hospital environment.

Too many types of specialized equipment are a logistical headache for many hospitals and increase support and training costs. The highly versatile Flight 60 is suitable for both bedside and ambulatory care and patients ranging from pediatric to adult, while its advanced ventilation modes meet all ventilation requirements – from intensive care on down.

With the compact but powerful Flight 60, patients can be moved within the hospital without being disconnected. It has all the features of a fixed ventilator (large screen, clear display, distance visibility) along with the clinical and efficiency advantages of a mobile unit.

Smart hospitals choose the Fight 60 for its flexibility, operational simplicity (requiring less training) and
low cost of ownership.

It’s the modern way of doing ventilation.

  • Single ventilator for ICU, wards and patient transfer
  • Suitable for invasive and non-invasive treatments and full range of patients, from pediatric to adult
  • Compact form factor, quick release stand and bed mounts for full mobility
  • Clear distance monitoring on a large screen.
  • Simple to operate and low cost of ownership
  • Small and lightweight with long battery life


  • Invasive and non-invasive modes including Bi-Phasic/APRV and Volume Guarantee
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities such as plateau pressure and static compliance
  • Trend data for up to 72 hours on multiple parameters
  • Hot swappable battery for up to 12 hours of battery operation
  • Single and dual-limb patient circuit configurations
  • Minimal preventative maintenance required for a cost-effective solution
  • Quick-Start for instant preset access