Flight 60 iO2


Baner Flight 60 iO2Flight 60 iO2 Features

ICU Features in a Transportable Ventilator

Powerful Ventilation

  • Pressure control up to 80cmH2O
  • PEEP up to 40cmH2O

Integrated Nebulizer Port

  • Synchronized
  • Volume Compensated

Extensive alarm system

Exhaled volume monitoring

Integrated O2 sensor with in-use calibration


Advanced ventilation modes

Pressure, Volume and PRVC Volume Guarantee modes

Bi-Level (APRV) for lung protection strategy

Pediatric to adult – 30 ml – 2.2 liter

Backup ventilation


Intra-Hospital Transport

Easily detaches and moves with patients

Standard 12-hour battery

Mobile stand with quick-release

Compact and light-weights


Ease of Use

  • Quick Start Menu
  • 7” Touch Screen
  • 1 Screen Technology – no drill down menus


Unique Weaning Mode

MVG with Trigger Delay

  • Volume Guarantee with adjustable backup ventilation – better weaning (less interactions)
  • Adaptive PSV (lower PIP for equal volume) – improved patient comfort


Advanced Monitoring

  • 72 hrs trends with adjustable scale
  • PV and FV loops
  • Lung Mechanics
    • Static/dynamic Compliance
    • Resistance
    • Plateau Pressure
    • Auto PEEP

*Not all features and specification are cleared/approved in all market.

*Please contact Flight Medical or your local distributor for additional information.