Long Term Care


Long-term dignity

Patients who require permanent breathing assistance have enough to contend with, without being tethered to a large and unwieldy machine.

The small form factor and mobility of the Flight 60 go a long way towards improving the quality of life of those in long-term care. Safe, intuitive and simple to operate, it provides dependable long-term care with maximum personal independence and freedom of movement.

The Flight 60 is a highly versatile ventilator, suitable for all patients, from pediatric to adult, and meeting all ventilation requirements. It provides remote monitoring capabilities for the hospital or post-acute care facility and achieves the fine balance between reliability, obtrusiveness and cost.

It is safe, versatile and fully mobile, with the best cost-of-ownership record in the business. Flight 60 meets the needs of both long-term patients and those responsible for their wellbeing.

  • Size, weight, battery life and accessories optimized for mobility.
  • Full range of remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Intuitive operation with low maintenance costs.
  • Comprehensive safety features prevent accidental setting changes and minimize readmissions.
  • Advanced ventilation modes (volume guarantee) for safety and comfort.
  • Wheelchair- friendly for maximum mobility
  • Electronic charts and remote monitoring capabilities; simple record-keeping


  • 12hour swappable battery
  • Extensive alarm system
  • Exhaled volume monitoring
  • Integrated O2 sensor with in-use calibration
  • Lightweight and portable – 6.3 kg
  • O2 low-flow port
  • Fully independent internal processor
  • Advanced ventilation modes
    • Pressure and volume
    • Volume guarantee mode
    • Bi-level
    • Invasive and non-invasive
  • Pediatric to adult – 30 ml to 2.2 liter
  • Backup ventilation
  • 5 programmable pre-sets
  • Telemedicine-ready
  • Waveforms and loops display
  • Low flow or high pressure O2 – 0% to 100% O2 for a wider range of patients
  • Integrated on-screen FiO2 monitoring – easy charting (keeping patient records)
  • Electronic charts and Remote monitoring compatible – easy charting (keeping patient records)