Emergency Transport


Confidence Under Pressure

In emergencies, resources are often limited and time is of the essence. An emergency ventilator needs to be fail-safe, versatile and adaptable to work in extreme environments.

Flight 60 for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) gives emergency teams the confidence of knowing they have a ventilator that will work for one hundred percent of their cases in the most challenging circumstances. Small, light and with 12 hours of swappable battery power, Flight 60 is a robust, self-contained unit with one-click ventilation designed specifically for emergency situations.

With its rugged in-use bag and a variety of hanging and mounting options, the Flight 60 is a “critical care” ventilator on-the-go. Designed for use in ambulances and with stretchers, the Flight 60 is indispensable when lives are at stake.

  • Optimized for acute medical care and emergency transport
  • Powerful and feature-rich ventilator for the emergency treatment and transport of all types of patient
  • One-touch presets for time-saving ventilation
  • Designed to work in all kinds of weather and all light conditions; excellent sunlight visibility
  • Highly versatile, providing both intrusive and non-intrusive ventilation for a patient range from pediatrics to adults.
  • On-the-go FiO2 and remote monitoring
  • Long Battery life
  • Designed for use with stretchers and in ambulances, with robust in-use bag and accessories


  • 7 inch color touch screen
  • High pressure and low-flow O2 ports
  • Airborne-certified DO-160F
  • 12-hour internal battery
  • Optimized daylight reading screen
  • All pressure and volume modes
  • Invasive and non-invasive
  • Pediatric to adult – 30 ml to 2.2 liter