Q & A

  • Is it possible to configure predefined ventilation prescriptions? Yes. It is possible to set and store up to 5 configurations. This capability enables the user to use separate prescriptions for the patient. For instance, you may want to set up a daytime prescription and a different nighttime prescription. For more details please refer to the Operator's Manual.
  • Can the Flight 60 connect to a remote alarm? Yes. Flight 60's remote alarm capability allows for monitoring  alarms from a remote station. All visible and audible alarms on the device, as well as system shutdown, are transmitted as an electronic signal to the remote alarm station.
  • How long does the Flight 60 removable battery last? Virtually unlimited time – it has 12 hours operating time that can be further extended by battery hot swap, making it the most independent portable ventilator in the market.
  • Does the Flight 60 require a pressure source? No. Flight 60 is air source independent. It has an internal compressor which generates its own compressed air.
  • Can the Flight 60 be connected to both high & low oxygen pressure sources? Yes, Flight 60 connects to both high pressure and low flow oxygen source. For more details please refer to the Operator's Manual.
  • What are Flight 60’s patient monitoring capabilities? A wide variety of parameters are displayed at all times on all screens, to ensure continuous monitoring of the patient during ventilation, including continuous measured exhaled tidal volume and FiO2. For the full list of parameters please refer to the Operator's Manual.
  • Is the Flight 60 expensive to run or own? Not at all. Flight 60’s operational costs are significantly lower than similar ventilators since Flight 60 has substantially lower energy consumption and lower oxygen consumption.