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Home care

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Independent home living

Flight medical Home care ventilators offer remarkable comfort level, dependability, independence and quality of life while maximizing performance and safety.
A home ventilator needs to provide effective monitoring and alerting, without intruding on the patient’s standard of living or causing unnecessary home visits due to false alarms. It must also be intuitive and simple to operate, without requiring the presence of care provider staff in the patient’s home.

Flight medical ventilators achieve the fine balance between reliability, obtrusiveness and cost. They are safe, versatile and fully mobile, with the best cost-of-ownership record in the business. Flight medical ventilators meet the needs of both home-care patients and those responsible for their wellbeing.

Key features

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Flight 60

  • 8 to 12 hour swappable battery
  • Extensive alarm system
  • Exhaled volume monitoring
  • Integrated O2 sensor with in-use calibration
  • Lightweight and portable
  • O2 low-flow port
  • Fully independent internal processor
  • Advanced ventilation modes:
    • Pressure and volume
    • PRVC
    • Volume guarantee mode
    • Bi-level
    • Invasive and non-invasive
  • Pediatric to adult – 30 ml to 2.2 liter
  • Customized backup ventilation
  • 5 programmable pre-sets
  • Waveforms and loops display
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Remain safe and independent

  • 8 hours batteries
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Customized presets ventilation
  • Advanced alarm system
  • Brackets for bed/wheelchair mounting
  • Universal circuits

Full ventilation package

  • Invasive and non invasive ventilation
  • Auto leak compensation
  • Advanced dual modes
  • Pediatric to adults
  • Customized Apnea ventilation
  • High flow therapy

Intuitive and advanced monitoring

  • Intuitive 8’’ touch screen
  • Unique Home care display
  • Self-customized display
  • 72 hours trends
  • Lung mechanics
  • Optional pulse oximetry and carbon dioxide monitoring